Those who follow the tech industry have caught wind of an especially interesting 谷歌 patent application. Filed on February 24, 2016, this application outlines what has been best described as an “integrated mobile device packaging and 虚拟现实 耳机 ”. It appears as though the brainiacs at 谷歌 have figured out how to bring an affordable virtual reality headset to the market by shipping a smartphone in packaging 那 also serves as a virtual reality viewer. Now 有创造力。


谷歌’s 虚拟现实 Progress

谷歌 brought its low-cost virtual reality creation, Cardboard, to market in 2014. This virtual reality viewing enclosure for phones has been purchased by more than 10 million people. The company has also developed a number of other similar 虚拟现实 -related products, some of which have been distributed at no charge. Some have linked the company’虚拟现实和增强现实专家针对上述参考专利中描述的有趣的新VR产品的最新招聘热潮。



谷歌’的专利说明该单元’主要部分由重磅纸或纸板制成。该文件继续将建议的粘合剂材料描述为胶带和/或胶水。行业内部人士认为该外壳是’s quality will mimic 那 of the 谷歌 Cardboard viewer rather than the Daydream View unit. The patent also mentions the use of fabrics and plastics, making 谷歌’s new 虚拟现实 unit 那 much more mysterious. The bottom line is 那 the masses can expect a fun new 增强现实/virtual reality creation from the tech gurus at 谷歌 at some point in the near future.

Why 谷歌’最近的专利事务

谷歌’的最新专利解释了似乎与Cardboard相似的机箱的集成。该外壳可为公司提供巧妙的包装解决方案’s phone. It is quite the interesting creation considering the fact 那 the vastly improved virtual reality performance provided by Daydream-ready smartphones is also available on 虚拟现实 apps specifically designed to be used with 谷歌 Cardboard.

Think of 谷歌’s new creation as a headset similar to Cardboard 那 is sent with compatible smartphones, allowing for low-cost virtual reality experiences. It is sort of like a 虚拟现实 lite means of enjoying this breakthrough technology. Those who are interested in virtual reality will likely be able to use the new creation to step on up to a superior virtual reality viewer such as 谷歌’s Daydream View. This strategic angle will push 谷歌 toward its aim of having hundreds of millions of users enjoying virtual reality on Android in the next couple of years.



谷歌 Continues to Push Boundaries





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